MOMAX Universal Power Adapter, 100W Fast GaN International Travel Adapter, 2PD USB-C+2QC USB-A Travel Plug Adapter, US/UK/EU/AU Universal Charger Adapter for Laptops,Tablets,Phones 1-World

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About this item [Unlimited 100W Power] MOMAX Universal Power Adapter is considered to be the most powerful international travel adapter on the market. 100W of power is not just unique to one USB-C port, all USB-C ports are capable of 100W(max) output. Supports powering up to 2 laptops at the same time. The total output can also reach 100W when all ports are used, unlike other brands where the total output is reduced. [GaN Universal Charger Adapter] Thanks to MOMAX advanced GaN technology, this international travel adapter is able to accommodate 100W USB-C ports and UK/EU/AU/US plugs in such a compact body. It allows you to get a super fast charging experience anywhere you go while packing light. [Simplify Use, Travel Light] This universal charger adapter offers a great experience. With a simple push of a slide button, you can change plugs for different countries without the need for additional accessories. Charging USB devices also doesn’t require additional USB chargers as it comes with 2 USB-C + 2 USB-A ports. And it can charge up to 4 USB devices at the same time. [Safe when Charging] MOMAX travel plug adapter has multiple protections to keep you safe on the go. GaN technology achieves efficient output while enhancing heat dissipation. 10A overload fuse makes it possible to cut off the current in case of overcurrent charging. Fire resistant material makes this adapter non-flammable. Besides, safety shutter prevents children from being injured by touching the adapter’s outlet. [Multi-Compatibility] The Universal Charger Adapter not only has 100W USB power supply, and has 2500W AC output. This makes it enough to cover almost all the equipment needed for travel, such as iPhone 14/13/12 Series, iPad Pro 11”/12.9”, MacBook Pro(M1&M2), AirPods series, Steam Deck, Switch, Bluetooth Speaker, Digital Cameras, razor, hair dryer, iron, etc. (PS: The Travel Plug Adapter is not a voltage converter. If you need to use devices over 250V, please use an additional voltage converter.)

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9.3 x 5.51 x 5.31 cm; 381 Grams

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14 Mar. 2023

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Momax Technology Ltd.

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Hong Kong

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10 reviews for MOMAX Universal Power Adapter, 100W Fast GaN International Travel Adapter, 2PD USB-C+2QC USB-A Travel Plug Adapter, US/UK/EU/AU Universal Charger Adapter for Laptops,Tablets,Phones 1-World

  1. Ichigo SharIchigo Shar

    The media could not be loaded.  Since it looks like I’m the first person to buy this from Amazon I thought it would be helpful to provide my feedback along with a short unboxing video.I travel a fair bit for work along with family holidays etc. so I good compact travel adapter is essential. My old travel adapter also had a couple of USB Type A ports which is great for charging phones but less ideal for tablets.Thinking about replacements I realised both my work laptop and personal MacBook both use USB-C for charging, this being the case I realised having a suitable USB power adapter would mean I never need to unplug and take my laptop AC adapters when travelling.My work windows laptop AC adapter is 65W, whilst my M1 MacBook Air AC adapter is 30W.After some investigating I found the newer 100W GaN USB chargers would deliver enough power to all available USB ports so if I ever needed to charge everything at the same time this would be possible.There are a lot of 100W GaN power adapters available and since I’m going to power everything via USB I didn’t really need the plug adapter function but everything else available has various plug attachments which could be easily lost or damaged. This Momax unit was the only one that has all the country plugs integrated so it’s a nice neat block that you can put in your luggage without fear of damage.After receiving it I tested it by plugging in my MacBook, iPad and 2 iPhones all at the same time. Then checked the battery levels several times and can confirm all devices were charging simultaneously. Touching the adapter after testing it was slightly warm as I would expect but not hot which is a good sign although I’ll have to see how reliable it is after extended use.It would have been nice if it came with a small zip pouch, ideally with a compartment to put cables but apart from that I think this is the most compact and convenient travel adapter with USB available today.

  2. Ed Vassie

    It charges both a new-ish Acer Spin and a 2014 vintage Samsung Notebook. The Acer needed to be plugged into slot C1 but the Sammie needs less power and either USB-C slot works.It will be great when travelling as it eliminates the need for dedicated chargers and plug adapters.

  3. MattMatt

    So I am doing a lot more travelling now and therefore I have been using a number of different of global adaptors. This one stands out because it replaces pretty much every other power supply in my travel bag. This one has 100W PD, so I can use it to power my laptop and other devices via the USB type-c connections without using the OEM supply. This is a game changer as now I have a load more room in my carry on bag. The mechanism is super easy and operates via 3 sliding buttons, one for USA/AUS, one for UK and the last for the EU. There is a fuse built in, but cleverly there is also a little trap door that contains a spare so you aren’t caught out without.If you haven’t already guessed, I really like this travel adaptor and it is now my main PSU when travelling.

  4. J.Y

    This adapter saves on having to bring multiple adapters with me – and as somebody that tries to travel as light as possible, I was already doubling up chargers.The main charger I haven’t been able to lose is the MacBook Pro as this uses a 65W charger and often the power adapters I used maxed out at around 65W total meaning that if charging phones, Nintendo switch and Apple Watch at the same time it would be extremely slow.This solves that problem by allowing you to charge for instance a MacBook and phone both at full speed. If you are charging more devices then it can accommodate but the speed will obviously drop as the 100W needs to be distributed amongst all the devices.In terms of the adapter, it’s built extremely well in a black and gunmetal colour. Build quality feels fantastic and the slides to charge the country pins feels extremely solid and better than cheaper chargers. It’s great that you don’t need to carry and change separate pins as some travel chargers make you do.There is no case, but I’m using a microfibre existing case I had to protect this in transit, a hard case would have been welcome.In terms of my setup, I have an iPhone, Apple Watch, Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro and GoPro and this handles all the devices great and at full speed. When using 1-2 devices, I still typically get full speed unless charging 2 MacBooks. The optimal situation being charging 2 phones, 1 Apple Watch, 1 MacBook (15w+15w+5w+65w) = 100W, which is close to full speed across most of the devices. In practice however I’m only charging 2 devices at a time.

  5. HorvathHorvath

    There are a good number of these multi-country, adjustable travel adaptors now.The prices range from very cheap to very expensive.This is at the mid to higher end of pricing, but you see a massive boost in quality, which justifies this asking price when compared to the cheaper ones.First of all, the plastics are a lot more solid and durable. The whole unit feels more chunky and sturdy. It is a little heavier, but not overly so.Then, the sliding mechanisms are much smoother. Pressing the switches across seamlessly releases the various plug connectors and they are equally easy to move back. On the cheaper ones, they are much more difficult and often get stuck.I like that in addition to the various plugs you can convert between UK/USA/EU/AU style, you also have 2 USB C 100w ports and 2 USB A 18w ports, which means that you can charge multiple phones/tablets/e-readers/watches/etc whilst away.Finally, it works perfectly. There’s no need to wiggle anything or to balance anything – plug this into the plug, then slide in your USB devices or plugs and that’s all there is to it!

  6. second-hand-songbird

    This kind of thing is great for when you’re travelling across multiple countries, maybe on business trips or the like. It’s a well-made, sturdy plug adapter, and the plugs themselves – of all types – fit in really well. Haven’t had any trouble with them being too stiff or loose. Ensures high speeds, too. Love it.

  7. Bagpuss

    We order this for an upcoming trip to vegas and wondered if the higher price could be seen to be worth it.I believe that it is clearly a step up from others we have used. Even better we are using it all the time at home as an adaptor for razors and toothbrushes, so it isn’t only getting used once or twice a year on trips. it look and feels better quality than others and can pretty much be used world wide. No need to try and work out which adaptor you need to take on one trip. It is all here in one.With the inclusion of USB ports too, that makes it even more useful. I have lugged a couple of things in at once and it did still work for both things.The proof will be in the pudding on our upcoming trip, so once we have fully tested it on holiday, I will provide an updated review and decide if it really deserves the 5 stars. But my initial thoughts are that this really is a step up fro the rest .

  8. Sunny J

    This is a very powerful charger and is priced to match at over £60, what I would say is that there is no point purchasing such a powerful one if you are only charging basic phones etc, but if you want to be able to charge a laptop, tablet and a couple of phones without having to carry a bundle of adapters when you are abroad then this is a great investment.Charges my HP laptop quickly, same with my two samsung phones and also charged a power bank I had at the same time – it has all the worldwide pins for sockets built in too, so literally you just need this plug and some cables in your hand luggage.5 stars

  9. Zoe Hart

    I haven’t yet tested this abroad but tested in the uk with a european plug and it works perfectly. However the thing I’m most pleased with, is that I have limited sockets in my room and in the past if I attempted to charge my phone whilst my laptop was plugged in, I got the message on the my laptop that power wasn’t sufficient, with this plug I’m able to charge my phone and laptop at the same time! So this is great. It feels good quality and is so versatile being able to support all plugs both for output and input.

  10. RoxyRoxy

    This power adapter is really good and very easy to change the end of the plug to which country you need. You can charge a few things at the same time using this plug via usb and also a regular uk plug socket. I’ve tested it on my phone plus a laptop and they both charged brilliantly. I honestly have no complaints about it, it does exactly what I’d expect it to do and it works really well. It also saves having to buy different plugs for different countries if you travel alot. It does feel good quality and well made although it is slightly heavy.

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