ANFIER Offline Language Translator Device [Latest AI Voice Translator – W12] 144 Languages and Accents 97% Accuracy 0.5S Fast Response with 3.7 inch Touchscreen Instant Two Way Translation

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【Offline Excellence: Unleash Authentic Offline Translation for 10 Major Languages】 Explore accurate offline translation anytime, anywhere with Anfier’s latest AI translator device, W12. No internet required for precise translations. Supports 10 major offline languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Korean, and Thai. Seamlessly translate between any combination of these languages. 【Online: Ultimate Translator for 144 Languages 】 Embrace freedom from language barriers with Anfier’s W12 translator! Encounter lightning-fast response times, less than 0.5 seconds, and an impressive 98% accuracy in 144 languages with our cutting-edge online device. 【Crystal Clear Communication with Ultra-large HD Screen】 Experience the brilliance of our W12 language translator. Boasting a 3.7″ HD screen, twice the size of traditional handheld translators, for ultra-clear resolution. Compact and lightweight at around 100g, this pocket translator redefines portability. 【Supreme Battery Life for Long-Lasting Translation】 Experience uninterrupted translation with Anfier’s high-quality 1500mAh battery. Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous usage on a single charge, with a quick 1-2 hour charging time. Take it anywhere without battery concerns. 【Choose Your Voice】 Anfier’s voice translator device offers both male and female voice options, guaranteeing accurate translations with seamless voice selection.

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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16.61 x 16 x 4.19 cm; 281 Grams

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6 May 2023

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10 reviews for ANFIER Offline Language Translator Device [Latest AI Voice Translator – W12] 144 Languages and Accents 97% Accuracy 0.5S Fast Response with 3.7 inch Touchscreen Instant Two Way Translation

  1. James M.

    I found it very difficult to choose which translator to buy. They all claim to translate multiple languages but the prices range from £70.00 to £300.00. I chose this model which was mid range price. I was influenced by the large screen and the positive reviews on Amazon.The machine arrived at the scheduled time and although the instructions are brief, it was easy to set up. To test it I found a book in Hebrew and scanned in the text. The translation was virtually instant. The result was amazing and much better than expected. There will always be a few mistakes in text translation but it was easy to make sense of it.I also found the voice translations very good. The translator offers a wide range of languages. In languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, there are options that allow you to choose whether you want the European or South American versions.Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. My only complaint is that tbe Irish language is not included.

  2. Brews and donuts

    This is easy to use, select the language and then press one button to translate from foreign to English and press the other button to speak English and have it then spoken in foreign language. It works very well. I have quite a strong accent but it was mostly accurate for me. The beauty of this product is in the simplicity, it has two buttons only so once you have selected your chosen languages using the very good touch screen you just use the two buttons. Simple. It’s really quick so shouldn’t annoy people that you’re conversing with, in fact I think they’re likely to think that it’s amazing and it will probably interest them enough to engage more in conversation than they normally would. It feels and looks very good quality, it will also handle text too so menus in restaurants and notices can be read and translated. All in all a very handy travel companion

  3. Kirsty

    Easy to use with accurate translations, functions similar to my standard tablet, It combines technical sophistication with user friendliness, the translation speed is a lot faster than my other apps and expensive name brand, it translates most of the sentences well, overall it’s a great gadget to have way better than many translate apps, recommend to anyone who is learning or going to travel.

  4. Haselbury

    I was impressed at how easy this was to set up and the touch screen is very responsive. Not quite the quality of an iPhone but very good nonetheless. I was able to connect to the wifi at home easily enough to test it out and we were impressed at how easy it was to use. The limitation is in the ability to use it without wifi.We have an upcoming trip to Vietnam and have tried via a language app to learn some basics but found it a particularly difficult language to get our heads around. We expect to find ourselves on this trip in rural areas, and these are the places where there is unlikely to be free wifi and also where the locals are less likely to speak English!This device has a offline mode, where you can actually upload a language pack into the device’s memory to enable use without wifi BUT, whereas the list of languages available using wifi is vast, there is a much more limited list available for this offline use and …… yes, you guessed it, Vietnamese is not on that list.So, we shall still take it and hope to get some usefulness from it, but it’s usefulness is definitely limited by this one detail!

  5. Miss’s TMiss’s T

    The media could not be loaded.  This is such a fabulous item that I never knew I needed until I got one.Ever so easy to set up, simply complete the walk through set of instructions when you initially turn on the translator.Select your Country eg United Kingdom and the Country you wish to translate to and voila you are up and running.Button A can then be pressed by the initial person talking, as seen in my video, then if the recipient wishes to respond back they can press snd hold button B.Displays text as well as audio so you can both see and hear the two way conversation.Superbly made and approximately the size of a modern mobile phone.This will be the perfect addition to my Sons suitcase who is off to Thailand in two months time and will hopefully help to make his time over their more interactive and pleasurable.Supplied with a USB charger and clear instructions.Highly recommend 👌

  6. KalboKalbo

    The media could not be loaded.  This arrived in a simple box similar to a mobile phone box. On the front it has a picture of the translator, and on the sides it lists the features. Once opened the translator is fitted into bespoke foam with the operation manual, and USB type A to USB-C charging cable in the bottom of the box.First impressions: this has similar dimensions to a mobile phone with a matte black rubberised finish. It has four buttons, a volume control, power button on the side, and two main buttons on the front marked ‘A’ and ‘B’. In my opinion this is a simple design finished nicely.I put the translator on charge and had a read through the operation manual. The manual is easy to follow with a linked diagram for identification, and each function described in a sub-section. After charging I went through the setup going through the linking to my WiFi, selecting base language and time zone. The setup is fairly straight forward, with additional personalised options in the settings such as changing the wallpaper, touch tone, and display settings.I have been using and testing this now for several days, and have been impressed. The touch screen is very responsive, and I really like the simplicity and user friendly aspect of the controls. Selecting the source and output language is really simple then just holding either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ button depending on which is set to your source language, speaking, and releasing when finished, and it translates to the selected language. This is also displayed in text form and can be replayed.I have been testing out the accuracy with different languages using friends from France, Albania, Ukraine, and my wife who is Filipina, with all being impressed by the accuracy. I tested the photo translation with some sign’s, and also used online translated text, then snapped the text and reverse translated, everything matched the original text in translation.I like that this also has some added features such as sound recording, a favourites section, and the ability to connect a Bluetooth device such as earbuds or an external speaker.Overall I am impressed with this device. It is simple to use with an easy to navigate menu. The voice translation quality is very accurate, and the photo text translation has been spot on so far. The device is small so as easy to carry as a mobile phone. I can’t find any faults or negatives, so have given top marks.

  7. It’s me

    You receive a pocket sized translator which has a nice quality feel to it.A simple to use device, you have pretty much two buttons, one to use when you talk in to the translator and the other for the translated response.There are plenty of languages in the online mode, plus 10 offline languages which are the ones most often used.The translation is accurate and easy to understand, you can also have a text translation.Recently took this on holiday with us to Spain and gave it a try, its great, apart from it being good fun, its great with the picture mode translating menus, and the translation was excellent, the hotel bar person was really impressedThis doesn’t come cheap and you can download pretty good translators on your mobile, however this is an all in one unit, if you’re a frequent traveller then this is a useful device that’s easy to carry in you pocket, and works very well.

  8. Tony the reviewer

    The media could not be loaded.  Lightweight, small, easy to carry.Works really well.

  9. Amazon_customer

    Bought this one for trip to Europe and was very impressed. The quality of translation is great, and it is more convenient than translation app on the iPhone. Plus, you can record any notes/conversations and replay!

  10. Longrui ChenLongrui Chen

    I’m glad I bought this device. It served its purpose very well. I have several Spanish-speaking only and other non-English language coworkers that don’t speak or understand English. I can now communicate with them and address their concerns much more easily than before. It is convenient and simple to use. I surely recommend it to my friends.

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